Tuesday, 9/16 – Co-hosting The Second Annual Fizzy Lifting Open Mic at Fizz Bar & Grill. Facebook wants me to tag Bar Rafaeli. I cannot confirm that she will be there. I also cannot deny it. Chicago, IL, 10 pm.

Wednesday, 9/17The Sedgwick Stop Stand Up-Comedy Showcase. They recently won a very presitigious “most creative name” award at this years “Name-Con”! Chicago, IL, 8 pm.

Friday, 9/19Kick Punch Stand Up at G-Mart Comics. I run this show, so I will not be saying any snarky things about it. Except to say that a show featuring a bunch of pudgy white guys in depression hoodies standing in a comic book shop and talking about jerking off is every bit the fuck party you imagine it is. Chicago, IL, 8:30 pm.

Saturday, 9/20The Circa 21 Speakeasy. It’s in the Quad Cities, so I’ll be working on my quads. You’re welcome. Rock Island, IL, 9 pm.

Also, this week sees brand new episode of BOTH OF MY PODCASTS:

On a new Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, I sit down with comedian/writer/podcaster/beardy Brian Sweeney to talk about the Jin-Centric “…In Translation” and the Hurley-centric “Numbers”. If you’re a fan of Lost, me, and/or dumb jokes, this podcast is for you!

And on Wednesday, I plop down a brand new episode of Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock! I sit down with a Marine Intelligence Officer and talk about boot camp, drone warfare, the NSA, and more!

Also, I should probably mention that I’m selling shirts online, right? I dunno. I wouldn’t buy them either, but if you’re dumb or just appreciate truth in advertising, click here.

Thanks for reading! Touch your dick right now and have a good day!

Shows this week!

Tuesday, 9/9Hosting The Fizzy Lifting Open Mic at Fizz Bar! Chicago, IL, 9:30 pm

Friday, 9/12The Drop Comedy Club.  South Bend, IN, 9 pm

Saturday, 9/13The Drop Comedy Club.  South Bend, IN, 8 & 10:30 pm

And listen to my podcast, Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock!  I interview interesting people; like juggalos, homeless veterans, porn stars, make-a-wish kids, heroin addicts, beer makers, and much more!

Or listen to Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock.  It’s a podcast where I sit down with other funny people and we talk about the show Lost, which is ten years old and disappointed most people.

Thanks!  Love you!

Shows – 9/2 to 9/6


Tuesday, 9/2Three Cees Stand Up Showcase at Celtic CrownChicago, IL

Wednesday, 9/3Velvet Octopus Comedy Hour at The Store, Chicago, IL

Thursday, 9/4 – Crying. Chicago, IL

Friday, 9/5 – I’ll be seeing Death Cab for Cutie and trying to get the emo hair swoop I failed to have in 2004, but y’all need to go to Kick Punch Stand Up at G-Mart Comics!  Chicago, IL

Saturday, 9/6 – Binging. Chicago, IL

Sunday, 9/7 – Purging. Chicago, IL

And listen to my two podcasts:

Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock, where I interview interesting people. Latest episode features a make-a-wish kid!

Also, check out Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock. It’s a dumb podcast where every week I sit down with another funny person and we talk about the TV show Lost and go off on dumb tangents!

Thanks!  See ya!

I got shows this week!

Here’s where I’ll be doing stand up-comedy this week:

Friday, 8/29The Comedy Shrine, Aurora, IL. 8 pm

Saturday, 8/30The Comedy Shrine, Aurora, IL. 8 pm

Also, there’s a brand new episode of Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock up right now! I sit down with Jason Hillman of Milwaukee’s The Caste of Killers Comedy Collective and we chat about the Jack-centric “All The Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues” and the Kate-centric “Whatever The Case May Be”. Search for it on iTunes or listen now at

And on Wednesday there’s gonna be a new episode of Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock plopping! It’s an interview I did with a make-a-wish kid. It’s pretty intense. Check it out at

Thanks, y’all!

Get lost Logo


Show This Week


FridayHip City Mix, Chicago, IL. 10 pm.

SaturdayStand Up For Paws at Fizz Bar & Grill, Chicago, IL. 8 pm

And listen to my podcast, Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock, where I interview unique people about whatever it is that makes me weird.

And listen to my podcast, Get Lost! with Collin A. Bullock, where I sit down with other comics and we talk about the dumb TV show Lost.

And touch your butthole right now!

Have a great week!

Shows This Week! 6/16 – 6/22

Monday, June 16th – Typing out this list.  Chicago, IL. 8:35 am

Tuesday, June 17thEntertainment Chicago Live at Hungry Brain.  Chicago, IL. 10 pm

Thursday, June 19thParlour Car at Bar Deville. Chicago, IL. 9:30

Friday, June 20thLOTS of Laughs Productions at Hawthorne’s BackyardWest Chicago, IL. 9 pm.

Saturday, June 21stCigars and Stripes. Berwyn, IL. 10 pm.

Sunday, June 22nd – Picking up my girlfriend from the bus station. I don’t know when.



Places to be this week

Wednesday, May 21st - Comedy Calvacade at The Abbey Pub, Chicago, IL.  9:00 pm

Thursday, May 15th - Eating 100 slices of individually wrapped cheese.  Chicago, IL.  3:00 am

Friday, May 16th - Kick Punch Stand Up at G-Mart Comics, Chicago, IL.  8 pm.

Saturday, May 17th - Finally pooping out that cheese.  Chicago, IL.  All day.

And you can listen to my podcast, Awkward Moments with Collin A. Bullock, any goddamn time you goddamn want!  The latest episode features a really nutty interview with a 9/11 truther.

Thanks! I love you!

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